Lost Girl Recap: Tam Tam and Bo Bo Team Up

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lost girl

lost girlBo has brought “Kenzi” to the Dal, claiming that it’s not the real Kenzi, only nobody believes her once “Kenzi” reveals that Bo had been killing again. Trick orders Bo be put into holding while they figure everything out; while Tamsin wants to take Bo to the dark campaign, Dyson feels guilty about not keeping an eye on her and letting her slip that far. Trick had entrusted him with the responsibility of keeping Bo straight and as of right now, he failed in that duty.

Lauren, meanwhile, visits Bo in the cell where she’s being kept, though the succubus isn’t exactly feeling warm toward her girlfriend. Or any of her gang, really. Lauren comes for a hair sample and leaves with the knowledge that if Kenzi dies, it’s on her and Bo will never forgive her. The real Kenzi is being kept in a cave by “Kenzi,” guarded by rabid fae (on a chain), chained up, starving, and with her foot in a bear trap. The bottle of “Kenzi”‘s fae powers had spilled onto Kenzi’s arm and masked her human scent around Dyson, making a quick escape at the hands of the heroic wolf rather unlikely.

“Kenzi” takes a thing of coconut ice cream to Bo in an attempt to win her over, though Bo would rather use her power on the fake friend, get out of the cell, and find her real friend. “Kenzi” doesn’t fall for it and bares her jagged fangs at Bo before Dyson comes into the room; then, she feigns innocence and acts as if Bo came at her Hannibal Lecter-style. He agrees to take her home with him and protect her while everything’s going on, only to have Tamsin break Bo out of her chains and lead her out of the Dal to go find the real Kenzi. Before they leave, they’re confronted by Dyson and Tamsin uses her power of intimidation and plants doubt in the wolf’s mind.

The two head to a sorority house and find out about the Enaree, a lonely fae who had lost her ability to glamour/feed and will stop at nothing to get her powers back. One of the girls tells Tamsin about a creepy cave that it was staying at, which they immediately begin traveling to with a hike in the woods, a hike that tires Bo out severely. After doing a series of tests on the hair sample, Lauren saw that Bo’s cells were dying; there was no sign of an infection or a parasite, meaning that it was something happened in her and not to her.

When Lauren and Trick find Dyson collapsed on the floor, they get him up and send him home to sleep off the hangover-like effects of the Valkyrie power. Once at home, “Kenzi” tries to come on to him by changing into his shirt, taking a nap on his chest, and waking him up with a face lick. She then straddles him and kisses him deeply before he throws her off him and finally sees that that’s not his friend. The two fight and Dyson kills her, calling Lauren afterward to come make sure that it wasn’t the real Kenzi after all. With the test done to prove that it wasn’t her, Dyson sets off to find Bo and Kenzi.

While hiking through the woods toward the cave, Tamsin stops to allow Bo, who is barely making it, to feed off of her; the “incredible…but different” taste helps the succubus push through, as she gets into the cave and saves Kenzi, killing one of the guard fae while Dyson shows up to kill the other.

Back at the Dal, Lauren and Trick concoct a tonic meant to be a stop-gap toward The Dawning, an important fae evolution that occurred in Bo 200 years before they expected. It’s a right of passage that every fae trains for; if they don’t pass, however, they devolve back to an UnderFae. With Bo’s more acute sense of smell recently being an initial sign of devolution, it’s time for her to begin training.

Additional thoughts and observations:
-“Let’s be honest, your friendship needs a little reno.”
-“One time she used my toothbrush. Like, in her mouth.”
-“I kinda hate you.”
-I think I’d be okay with Tamsin shifting her allegiance to the light and joining the gang. It’s hard to join an ensemble like this and fit naturally, but the character definitely works. I liked that she noticed that “Kenzi” wasn’t herself before anyone else and that she defied the Morrigan in not going after the coma victim.
-Dyson in a tank top. Hubba hubba.
-The Morrigan might be my favorite character. Always glad to see her.
-Coconut ice cream. Ew.
-Next week on Lost Girl: Bo returns to the farm with Kenzi.