The Client List Promo: Watch Jennifer Love Hewitt’s New Music Video

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the client list

the client listThe Client List will pick up its second season with Riley in between a rock and a hard place. Much of the first season found the mother of two figuring out how to balance her chaotic home life with a flourishing professional life down at The Rub and despite a few hiccups along the way, she managed to get the hang of her new life. It’s not exactly the life that she envisioned herself having, but it’s the one she has with Kyle gone and she’s grown more comfortable in her role as family provider. But what happens when everything she’s come to know as normal post-Kyle gets shaken up?

Kyle coming home has wrecked any sense of stability she might have built up during the course of the first season. He’s still a volatile character who Riley has to tip toe around in order to get anything done and he’s managed to put a pin in any chance she had of exploring her feelings for Evan, the man who stepped up when Kyle left and helped Riley get on her feet. Riley overcame a lot during the first season and found a strength that she didn’t know she had, a strength that she’ll need come season two. With Kyle home and The Rub giving her more responsibility, her life is about to get even more difficult, although something tells me that with her support system (Evan, Lacey, Georgia, Linette), she’ll be able to pull through and then some.

The Client List returns for its 15-episode second season on Sunday, March 10th at 10:00 on Lifetime. It’ll follow the seventh season premiere of Army Wives, which has had notable cast turnover during its most recent off-season.

Will you be watching The Client List this season? How do you think “I’m a Woman” compares to last season’s “Hey Big Spender” and “Addicted to Love”? What do you think will happen with Riley and Evan now that Kyle is back home and she’ll be working at The Rub more often?