Hart of Dixie Review: Achy Breaky Heart

by Carissa Pavlica 632 views0

Another week, another Hart of Dixie when I still don’t buy the rekindled love affair of Lavon Hayes and Ruby Jeffries. Why are they pushing the relationship so hard? Ruby remains unpleasant, at best. Lavon was hurt by Lemon, but that is hardly a good reason to jump into another doomed experience by forcing the hand of someone who obviously doesn’t want to commit. She is far larger than Bluebell, and the simple life Lavon offers won’t make her happy. If it does for a month, it won’t for years.

If this is all being done to show us that Lemon can finally put someone’s feelings above her own, she proved it and we can move on. Let’s let Ruby go, Lemon swoop in and save the day. Ta da! I should be a screenwriter. They’ve also succeeded in showing Zoe and Lemon can get along. They’re good for comic relief and I look forward to the day the two of them and Annabeth have a girls night out. Might Tancy even end up at the party?

That’s my segue to what I really want to discuss. The quadrangle of Zoe, Wade, George and Tancy.

It was very cool of George to talk to Wade before asking out Tancy. I’m not sure if his motives of doing so were pure, or merely to get under Wade’s skin but, either way, there was a genuine connection between George and Tancy and it deserves a chance to bloom. At first I was getting perturbed that Wade was making such a big deal out of it, after all, he has Zoe. He knows George wants Zoe, so to deny him the opportunity to date Tancy is like rubbing salt in the wound.

Then Wade made his case against George. His concern was George would use Tancy as a hurdle to get to what he really wants. Things get really confusing here, because even thinking along these lines requires Wade to admit to himself he wants more from Zoe than a casual fling. He doesn’t want George using Tancy on his way to Zoe any more than he wants George getting to Zoe without jumping over Tancy to get there.

George tried to appeal to Team Wade by letting Wade know that not only did he not consider Tancy more than a ‘placeholder,’ he also thought if that’s how Wade thought Zoe felt about him, then he should talk to her about it. He said he had known about the two of them for a while, surprising Wade. The information later surprised Zoe even more. Of course, George doesn’t know about their arrangement. I don’t think Zoe and Wade are even straight on what their arrangement is any longer, but it was very obvious when Wade told Zoe that Zoe still doesn’t know her true feelings for Wade.

For that, Zoe is getting on my nerves. She told George to go out and sow his wild oats. She’s the one keeping them apart if they are truly meant to be together, and now Wade is getting hurt in the process. First she hurt George, and now she’s hurting Wade. We learned through Wade’s tale of four hours as an Eagle Ranger that he felt less than as a boy. Most likely, less than George Tucker. Despite his current bravado adult attitude, Zoe is feeding his childhood insecurities by not being honest with him or herself.

It’s time for both George and Wade to have a come to Jesus moment with Zoe Hart. No more games. Too many people are going to get caught in the cross fire. Both couple could have great potential, but we need to play to that instead of seeing pain on the faces of the men in love with Zoe.

There are many things I could say in defense of both couples, but I’m going to switch course for the week. George and Wade seem to know what they want. I’m tossing my hat into the ring and going all out for Team Gade. Who’s with me?