Boardwalk Empire 3.09 Preview: You Need to Attend to Your Business

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boardwalk empire

boardwalk empireNucky Thompson has had his back against the wall for much of the third season of Boardwalk Empire. He’s been wracked by internal guilt regarding his role in Jimmy’s death, while also having to fend off the very aggressive, very violent Gyp Rosetti’s attempts to take over Atlantic City and a potential indictment from Attorney General Harry Daugherty. Nucky has always been a good strategist, good enough to make up for his (former) inability to pull the trigger and get his hands dirty, but it would take a political mastermind to wiggle out of the vice he’s currently caught in.

Tonight on Boardwalk Empire, Nucky’s going on the offensive after spending much of the season removed from the action. For one, the deal that he struck with Andrew Mellon is major damage against Daugherty, as it’s going to take top earners (and key lackeys) George Remus and Jess Smith off the streets and make the General sweat out a potential arrest. Additionally, Rosetti may be off gathering strength and resources following the attempt on his life and eventual trip to the city, but Nucky might be able to hit him before he’s fully operational again. Rosetti lost several men the night Benny came gunning for him and he likely won’t be back where he was for a little while longer; if Nucky wants to get rid of the temperamental Italian, now will be the best time to strike.

Elsewhere on Boardwalk Empire, Emily has a quiet birthday, Gillian and Harrow clash over Tommy’s recent behavior, and Broadway mourns the loss of a star.

Boardwalk Empire airs tonight at 9:00 on HBO.

Does Nucky have anything to lose by diving head first into a (likely) bloody war with Gyp? How much will Gyp have recovered from the attempted assassination and loss of men? Will Harry Daugherty find a way to get back at Nucky for doing in Remus?