The Carrie Diaries to Premiere January 14th

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The Carrie Diaries

The Carrie DiariesThe CW has announced that The Carrie Diaries will be premiering on Monday, January 14th. The show was originally supposed to take over the 9:00 slot from Gossip Girl, with 90210 staying put at 8:00, but the network has changed their plans. Now, The Carrie Diaries will get a chance to self-start at 8:00, with 90210 moving back to 9:00.

Considering that The CW has been having problems with its Monday night line-up this season, it’s a fairly smart move not to rely on 90210 to give The Carrie Diaries a big enough lead-in to survive. They launched Arrow this season in the 8:00 this season and their biggest hit, The Vampire Diaries, debuted at 8:00 during its first season, so history is actually on their side here.

Set in 1984, The Carrie Diaries follows Sex and the City heroine Carrie Bradshaw in her journey through the horrors of high school. Her relationship with her little sister is strained and the death of their mother is only making things worse between them, while her father isn’t always as active in their lives as he could be and her mind is constantly imagining the great life waiting for her beyond the walls of suburban Connecticut. But once she gets a chance to intern in New York City, the future writer gets a chance to experience everything she always dreamed of.

And then some.

The show stars AnnaSophia Robb, Stefania Owen, Ellen Wong, Katie Findlay, Chloe Bridges, and Austin Butler, among others.

The other major CW mid-season move had already been announced, as Nikita will be moving to 8:00 on Fridays, the slot that it occupied all of last season. The spy/action drama had been airing its third season at 9:00 following the 19th cycle of America’s Next Top Model. That show will be airing its fall finale on November 16th and Nikita will assume its time slot on November 30th, paired with Arrow repeats at 9:00.

Do you think that The CW made the right decision in flipping The Carrie Diaries and 90210? Will the Nikita time slot flip work out and create more opportunity for the show to survive? Where would you schedule Cult?