Justified Season 6: Sam Elliott and Garret Dillahunt Join the Cast

by Shilo Adams 703 views0


justifiedFX has announced that Sam Elliott (Hulk) and Raising Hope alum Garret Dillahunt have joined the sixth and final season of Justified. Elliott is slated to play legendary gangster Markham, who returns to Kentucky with a private army and bags of cash hell-bent on winning back Katherine, even though she thinks he’s the one who brought down her husband. Dillahunt, meanwhile, will portray spec ops veteran and former private contractor Walker, who now handles security for a businessman.

The fifth season of Justified was the first in the show’s run to receive a generally negative reaction, as the narrative was considered to be convoluted and overly padded, seemingly as a way to stall for the sixth and final season. With all the chess pieces now in place, though, and a clear end game in sight, Justified might be able to reverse the downturn in buzz and positivity it experienced during season five and go out with the type of bang one would expect from a show of its ilk.

In addition to his role in the 2003 comic adaptation, Elliott has appeared on the likes of Parks & Recreation, Aspen, and Once an Eagle, while Dillahunt’s television credits include Deadwood, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and John from Cincinnati.

The sixth and final season of Justified is set to premiere next January. Further casting for season six should be announced in the coming months.

Will you be watching the final season of Justified? How much good will do you think the show squandered with its sub-par fifth season? Do you think that either, both, or neither of Markham and Walker will survive season six?