Alaska: The Last Frontier returns on Discovery

by Supreet Bhatia 1,309 views0

alaskaThe third season of the Series, Alaska: The Last Frontier will be premiering on The Discovery channel this weekend. The series is based on the experiences of the family of the singer Jewel and is unscripted.

The Kilcher family made through another dark and freezing winter of Alaska and now in this season we will see how effectively and how soon they make the best use of the nicer weather to stock up on food supplies, not only for themselves, but for their livestock too. And not only that, they have to make the most optimum utilization of the only 22 hours of summer in Alaska, to plan up a lot of stuff using the sunlight, which will help them survive that is coming ahead, and that is dead cold Alaskan weather.

Jewel and her family are living in the wild, where there is no grid; hence, there is no running water. In order to have enough food for the entire family, they have to hunt, along with gardening and raising their livestock, and then only they can survive. In this season, we will see the family to overcome glacial rivers, come face to face with various life & death situations, whether they are inside their ranch or out in the wild, hunting and fighting threats. They also keep searching for innovative food ideas and this time, it is octopus. This season, the Kilchers get some amazing news, which bonds them together even more and carries forward the family legacy.

Alaska: The Last Frontier has been produced by Discovery Studios and executive-produced by GrantKahler and Daniel Soiseth.

Alaska: The Last Frontier Season 3 premieres at 9 pm, ET/PT on Sunday, Oct. 6

Here’s a video where Jewel & her father, who are a part of the show, talk about their experience and perform the theme song, written by Atz.