The White Queen: Watch the First Episode Here

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the white queen

the white queenStarz has released the first full episode of limited series The White Queen on its Youtube channel after its sneak preview this past Friday.

In the year 1464, young Edward IV (Max Irons) has taken over the throne of a heavily divided England following the ouster of King Henry, facilitated by a brutal battle and the political maneuvering of Kingmaker Lord Chadwick. With a healthy, charismatic leader to guide the way, the Yorks are now in control of the country, leaving their rival Lancastrians looking for a way to restore life as they knew it.

Little do they know that they’ll be getting an assist from widow Elizabeth Woodville (Rebecca Ferguson), a woman who lost her husband in a battle with the Yorks. After meeting the king over a land dispute, the lust between them proves to be too much to handle and Elizabeth takes the opportunity to get closer to Edward on a more personal level, if only for the profit that would await her should/when they marry. However, while Elizabeth may secure the future of her sons with a royal marriage, she’s alienated herself from fellow Lancastrians and turned the Yorks against Edward, to the point where they both have giant targets on their backs. Will they both be able to stay perched atop the throne of England and strike back accordingly to those who wish to see them fall?

In addition to Irons and Ferguson, The White Queen stars James Frain (True Blood), David Oakes (The Borgias), Janet McTeer (Damages), Amanda Hale (Bright Star), and Faye Marsay (Is That It?).

The White Queen airs Saturdays at 9:00 on Starz. You can check out a full recap of the series premiere here.

Will you be watching The White Queen this summer? Have you read the series of novels the show is based on? Would you like to see more international acquisitions finding their way to premium cable?