Vampire Diaries Review: My Brother’s Keeper

by Carissa Pavlica 868 views0

Is it really time for the Miss Mystic Falls pageant on Vampire Diaries again? I could never live there, as I’d either have to become a millionaire to afford all of the fancy dresses or learn to sew. Neither of those seem like a possibility.

I really need to understand something, and I don’t. Who the hell is that Professor Shane? Hayley is working with him. To what end? I admit I didn’t expect Hayley to be a bad girl, but we don’t really know if Shane is a bad guy, do we? I want to speed up the clock on him and find out some answers. I admit, I love spoilers, so if you have any, please don’t  hesitate to tell me. Just don’t tell me in the comments and ruin the mystery everybody else loves! Damon was cozying up to him searching for information, but even thought various press outlets said we might learn something through their talks, I sure didn’t.

Whatever her true purpose for being in town, whether some hidden agenda with Professor Shane or working with Tyler to free all of the sired hybrids from Klaus, I have to thank her for bringing in Kim, the next to the last hybrid played by none other than Alyssa Diaz, effectively making a little Nine Lives of Chloe King reunion, with Grace Phipps, in Mystic Falls! Now, if they would just have a scene together. Who knows how long she’ll be sticking around though. Diaz has been popping up all over the place, even on Revolution a few episodes back. Good for her!

Long before Elena confronted Stefan about using Jeremy to cure Elena, even if it means Jeremy’s life if ruined, I was already thinking it. Stefan has been incapable of loving Elena as a vampire. He’s made it very clear by his incessant pursuit of a cure for her vampirism. I find it rather annoying that everybody thinks just because Elena might be in love with Damon she must be under his control somehow. Caroline’s wild accusations of a sire bond at the end really got me. They’ve definitely played it to make us wonder. Every time Damon says something, Elena agrees. The thing is, what Damon says usually makes sense. People just hate Damon.

Damon is the one who loves Elena for who she is, no matter what. That goes back to to the first time they met on the side of the road. He could have forced her to love him, but he didn’t. He never even let on that they met before she and Stefan did. If he was going to take advantage of her, he had his opportunities to do so. If she is under some sort of a sire spell, nobody will be as hurt as Damon, because his feelings for her have always been true.

The other problem with rushing to judgement on the issue of a sire bond being the reason Elena loves Damon is she has always been conflicted about Damon, and she’s only recently become a vampire. Becoming a vampire heightens feelings you already have. Of course her feelings for Damon would be driven to the forefront. She was remembering when they danced. Nothing vampy about that.

The other thing that has been heightened since she’s become a vamp is her ability to notice how others treat her. Like a child. Most people in Mystic Falls think she’s incapable of caring for herself. Caroline’s rant about Damon didn’t hold much weight when she’s so smitten with Klaus. Frankly, I’m sick of everyone treating Elena with kid gloves. She’s very strong. More than most of the people in Mystic Falls considering she was one of the last humans left in town.

If Vampire Diaries decides to pursue the sire bond between she and Damon, and use it as a reason to make her question her strength, I’m going to be angry. It’s time to let her stand on her own and make decisions just like every other character has been allowed to do. All of the vampires in town are scurrying to find a cure to make Elena a different person again, but we’ve only heard from Stefan and Klaus about their thoughts on taking the cure. I guess everyone else is fine without their humanity, and only Elena’s is worth saving.

Caroline puts all of her money on Klaus without a sire bond about Elena position, but Elena can’t do the same with Damon for love. Hmmm. Think about that Caroline.