American Horror Story: Freak Show: Watch the Opening Credits Here

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american horror story

american horror storyFX has released the opening sequence for the upcoming season of American Horror Story and in keeping with the Freak Show concept, the main theme song has been fused with circus music to form something that might be the most foreboding introduction to a season yet. Last season’s title sequence answered the central question (“Who’s the next supreme?”) that it spent 13 episodes examining, so there should be clues about the direction of the season embedded in the 1:12 clip, some likely having to do with the clowns found lurking around the freak show.

Set in the 1950s, American Horror Story: Freak Show focuses on one of the last remaining freak shows in America, as it travels to sleepy Jupiter, Florida. However, once the performers get their bearings in this decidedly different environment, they realize that a dark presence, something or someone who means to do them all harm, has followed them to town. The performers must band together and, along with the Jupiter townsfolk, find a way to defeat this looming darkness or else lose their livelihood, and their lives themselves, in the process.

The fourth season of American Horror Story is set to star Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Angela Basset, Kathy Bates, Frances Conroy, Michael Chiklis, Evan Peters, and Emma Roberts.

American Horror Story: Freak Show premieres Wednesday, October 8th at 10:00 with a 90-minute episode.

Will you be watching American Horror Story: Freak Show? How do you like the change to the main theme song? Can you pick out any elements that could be important later?