Bones Review: Method to the Madness

by Carissa Pavlica 1,033 views0

Sweet! Who knew Sweets would be so sweet to look at when he dared to bare it after a dip in Booth’s bathtub? That was easily the most pleasant surprise of an otherwise dull and somewhat annoying episode.

Has motherhood changed both Brennan and Angela a bit too much? I don’t recall an episode where it was pointed out more times that a corpse was a human, or a woman, or a friend or a sister. Of course they are, but part of the job the Squints do at The Jeffersonian requires them to distance themselves from the more personal aspects of the crimes or they’ll go crazy. You couldn’t look at bodies in the various states they receive them and still go home and behave normally if you imagined the lives lost by every corpse that needed put back together.

Every time I watch Bones I come close to tossing my cookies, so the constitution of anyone capable of that job wouldn’t be so suddenly changed where everybody started talking about the victims so differently. If that’s what we can expect going forward, I won’t be able to process the cases. It’s hard enough to see ground up people when the professionals aren’t taking it personally. If they start to go to mush, who knows how that will change the dynamic?

Speaking of ground up people, the wounds and the description lead me to believe pretty much out of the gate that the victim was killed by some sort of a machine. I realize I’m always on the case and see these things in various locations such as Las Vegas, New York and other cities across the US, but their search for a weapon that would provide such precision was borderline silly. They are far too capable to have taken that long to figure it out.

As an aside, I really wanted to try some of the tasty treats made in the artisans village, especially from the butcher. That guy really cared about his craft and I bet his beef, pork and lamb was just scrumptious! On the other hand, once I found out a woman was ground up in the $9 a jar applesauce spice mixer-upper, that would have been the LAST food I would have put in my mouth. Brennan was thinking about diabetes from the sugar? I was concerned about splinters from bone fragments. No novice in the world could have cleaned that machine to my satisfaction so that I’d eat whatever came out of it EVER again.

Let’s talk about the really sweet thing again. Sweets! Hello…the Doctor is IN! It’s very attractive that both Booth and Sweets love to take baths as much as I do. That’s incredibly sexy. Sweets! The best part about motherhood for both Angela and Brennan is their caring nature has come out for those around them. Angela bet that Sweets temporary stay at Booth and Bones place would be unending, and the show left us with an undulating Bones making Sweets feel fully comfortable in their home as she and Sweets danced to T-Rex.

Despite everything that annoyed me about “Method to the Madness,” that moment left me near tears. Maybe we’re all getting a little soft as we grow older.