Chicago Fire

Plot Summary

In this new 2012 drama, Chicago Fire follows the lives of Chicago firefighters and paramedics as they determinedly fight through familial and career barriers to do their very best to save the lives of those they have promised to protect.

Starring Jesse Spencer, Taylor Kinney, Monica Raymund, Lauren German and Eamonn Walker, Chicago Fire airs Wednesday nights on NBC at 10pm EST.


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Chicago Fire

“Switched At Birth” Actress to Headline “Chicago Fire” Spin-off According to TVLine

Well, despite the fact I can’t imagine people loving seeing cops arrive at their doorstop in Chicago nearly as much as they do the fire department, it appears NBC is...

Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire Review: "God Has Spoken"

There is never a dull week on  Chicago Fire and “God Has Spoken” was no exception. When we last saw Shay and Dawson they were being T-boned in the middle of...

Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire Review: Two Families

Which new fall show continues to get better week after week? That’s right! Chicago Fire. I’ve previously likened it to Parenthood with a super extended family of families, and that...

Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire Review: Rear View Mirror

My attention span is even worse than I thought, because I thought I understood what was happening with Dawson on Chicago Fire. I didn’t. My bad! Silly me thought her...

Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire Receives Full Season Order

Excuse me while I whoop it up! A show that fits no mold gets a full season pickup tonight. Welcome to the big time, Chicago Fire! For a more detailed...

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