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Hanna Marin is a character on Pretty Liars played by Ashley Benson. She lives with her mother Ashley and is in a relationship with Caleb Rivers. Once a chubby girl, her best friend was Mona Vanderwall until Ashley DiLaurentis took her under her wing and turned her into a popular girl. It was her friendship with Alison that introduced her to her current best friends Aria, Spencer and Emily. Hanna has been plagued by "A" issues, including attempts on her life by car, threats against her mother, another car accident involving Caleb's mother and more. It was discovered that her one time best friend Mona was acting as an "A," but it didn't take long for Hanna and her friend to determine Mona couldn't have been acting alone once she was placed into a mental institution. With each play "A" makes, Hanna gets more determined to put a stop to whoever is doing it. With her friends at her side, don't count her out.

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