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Aria Montgomery is a character on Pretty Little Liars played by actress Lucy Hale. She's the daughter of teacher Ella and professor Byron and has a brother named Mike. She is best friends with Hanna, Spencer and Emily. When Alison DiLaurentis was murdered, her family moved away from Rosewood for a year and it wasn't until she moved back that their friendships truly flourished due to the trauma they suffered. Upon her return, she met Ezra Fitz in a local bar where she was having a snack, and they hit it off. Neither of them knew she was a student at Rosewood High and he was the new English teacher. Despite their differences, romance bloomed and after three seasons they became a couple who no longer had to sneak around in public. Aria and her friends are continually harassed by "A" who is an unknown group of individuals stalking and killing various members of Rosewood who were close to Alison for reasons unknown to the girls.

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