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Stanley Randall Marsh is mostly friendly and down-to-earth. He is also helpful and knowledgeable along with being a good friend, though he does show negative shades once in a while, and he likes making fun of people. His parents are Randy and Sharon, and he has a sister, Shelley who likes to bully him. His grandfather, Marvin, is wheelchair bound and forgets his name and calls him Billy. Stan's father, Randy has appeared in many episodes as the lead character, and has thus become an important part of South Park. Stan also had a dog named Sparky who disappeared in later episodes. Unlike others, Stan does not have distinguishing characteristics. While Cartman is the fat kid, Kyle is the Jew, Kenny is the poor kid, Stan is just an average American kid with both positive and negative sides. Stan has a girlfriend, Wendy, and in the early years Stan used to throw up whenever he saw her. In later years, Stan was shown as more confident and he was able to talk to her easily. He has leadership skills and is often selected as the leader in various activities. He is a responsible boy and cares for his family. He is often stubborn in his views and once he simply refused to vote (Douche and Turd) even though he had to face many problems because of that. He is an average boy who is smart and intelligent, but not as intelligent as Kyle, who is considered the most intelligent of the group. Stan likes to go on wild adventures and is mostly outgoing. The character of Stan was made after Parker, and the character of Kyle was made after Stone. Since these two are best friends, their relationship reflects the relation of their creators. These two friends often have disagreements but in the end they come together and forget their differences.

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