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Kyle is a sensible and wise kid who often stands out from the other kids. His is best friends with Stan, and is often ridiculed by Cartman for being a Jew. Kyle has a Canadian adopted younger brother named Ike. He often has sober and smart ideas and stands opposed to Cartman. Towards the end of many episodes, Kyle tells the audience what he has learned. His parents, Gerald and Sheila are religious and his mother is outspoken, which made Cartman sing the song, "Kyle's mom's a bitch." Kyle is usually shown as the most intelligent and having the highest moral standards as compared to other boys. As a Jew, he shows pride in his religion, but is often mocked by Cartman. Kyle has an irritating cousin who is also named Kyle. He is a bad dancer and has a full head of fluffy red hair which is mostly hidden under his green hat. He mostly wears an orange jacket, green pants, and lime mittens, though he did change clothes in some episodes. He is shown to have exceptional computer skills as he is the main person of the group who researches for things on the internet. He also used public resources in a show (The Snuke) to prevent a terrorist attack. He also has rational and scientific thoughts and he questions why things happen. He is also proficient in many languages, including Pig Latin, which he showed in the episode, Cartman's Silly Hate Crime. He has a weak immune system and falls sick more often than the other kids. He is a basketball player and once even got a "negroplasty" to become a better player. Though a kind and considerate human, he does like to swear and is mostly uncreative, as he chose the role of Human Kite when he had to be a superhero.

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