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Though Kenny was chosen as the fourth member, he hasn't been much active in the show, and his place has been taken by Butters. Kenny is the poorest kid in town, and has special powers. He has the power to die every day, and then be born the next day. In earlier seasons, each episode showed Kenny dying, with Stan or Kyle exclaiming "Oh no, they killed Kenny." His super powers made him a super hero called Mysterion. Kenny always has a parka hood over his mouth so his speech isn't clear. Kenny's parents are violent and alcoholic. He has an elder brother Kevin along with a younger sister. Kenny was replaced by Timmy in between, but things didn't really work out and Kenny was back. Since Kenny doesn't speak much, he has lost his importance in the show over time. Although all four kids of the show are shown to be foul mouthed, Kenny has been especially indecent.

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