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Eric Theodore Cartman is probably the most loved/hated character of the show. Other kids just call him Cartman and he is an immature, obese, money minded, lazy, xenophobic, racist, sexist, sadistic, homophobic, and ill tempered kid. Though he has many flaws, he is very cunning and intelligent. He uses his intelligence in making morally appalling business ideas. Cartman overpowers others by his cunningness though some episodes also reflect his positive side. He has many famous quotes like "respect my authoretah (authority)." He is a strict anti-Semite and regularly makes fun of Kyle for being a Jew. Cartman hasn't shown a lot of romantic interest in anyone, basically because he is sexist and hates everyone, except in one episode (Chef goes Nanners) when he expressed interest in his classmate, Wendy. However, in one show (Breast Cancer Show Ever), Wendy beats Cartman in a school fight. Cartman is a single-parent child who lives with his mother, Liane Cartman. Till later seasons, Eric Cartman's father was a big mystery. It was later revealed that his father was Jack Tenorman whom he accidentally killed, cooked in chili and fed to his half brother. Other kids often make fun of Cartman because he is fat, while he always opposes by saying that he is just big boned. His image has changed over the years. In the episode Cartman Finds Love, he has shown his positive side. Overall, Cartman is an obnoxious child who has mellowed down with passing seasons.

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