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Leopold Butters Stotch (or just Butters) is a confused young boy who is ignorant and stupid, and often falls prey to Cartman's plans. Though is always confused and following people (especially Cartman), his alter ego, Professor Chaos, is evil and cunning. As Professor Chaos, his aim is to create a global chaos. His parents, Stephen and Linda, consider him as a loser and often ground him. At the end of the fifth season, Kenny was ousted for some time, and the boys had to decide a fourth member. They almost selected Butters, but later opted for Tweak, a hyperactive boy who drank a lot of coffee. Butters does use profanity, but not as often as the other kids. He often swears by saying "oh hamburgers." Butters fidgets with his hands and stutters a bit. He is happy-go-lucky and an innocent child at heart.

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